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Secret Formula for Getting Customers to Spend Cryp...

How do you get people spending at your business? If you are like most retail stores, you offer discounts, incentives, and rewards for customers and encourage repeat purchases with gimmicks like frequent-buyer punch cards. Verified merchants using AnyPay …


Venezuelan Auto Parts Store Takes Dash with ANYPAY

MARACAY CITY, VENEZUELA – NOV 1, 2018 – The auto parts store “Autopartes Santa Barbara” became the the first business in Venezuela to use ANYPAY. They now accept DASH with ANYPAY for all of their merchandise. The store …


Dash Buys Real Stuff in Thailand Using ANYPAY

Check out this guy buying drinks at a game store in Bangkok using Dash and ANYPAY. Instant! Notice he is using the Edge wallet. Paying in Dash for drinks bought at Ninive Games in Bangkok. 🙂 from r/dashpay