Why MyDashWallet Doesn’t Work For Retail Commerce (And What To Use Instead)

You want to use Dash or Bitcoin at your local coffee shop or corner store. The owner says Yes. Okay, what next?

Do you set them up with a wallet on the owner’s iPhone or Android? Maybe, but what if the owner is not present when you want to pay? Maybe you install a wallet on their iPad register (if they have one)? Maybe, but mobile wallets are designed for individuals, not businesses. They can take a lot of training to use correctly, and if they are used infrequently, can be forgotten and deleted. Yikes!

Someone asked me recently, “What about MyDashWallet?” It is a Dash Proposal that costs about 1/10 of what Anypay is asking, and it works just fine, right? Well, no. MyDashWallet is an amazing service for the advanced user. But just go to the website, and pretend you are a new merchant ready to accept Dash at your business.

Look at this screen. What the hell are you supposed to do? Give up, that’s what.

“Thanks, but this is too complicated. I don’t need this in my business right now. Please give me the stuff I know how to use, and you can keep your cryptocurrency for whatever it is you do on the internet.”

It’s a total non-starter. Click around on the site and tell me how a minimum-wage coffee barista is supposed to figure out how to take your $2.50 with this thing. How many buttons are they expected to push? How many words are they expected to read? How many times must they go through this process before it becomes as second nature as typing in the total and tapping “Collect Payment.”

I am not bashing MyDashWallet. It is a terrific service. Fantastic. I love it. I recommend it. But is it for retail? Hell no. Try explaining to your coffee shop what a “p2p DASH gateway for users of any device to send/receive to their account via a website interface” is. It’s just not built for merchants. Merchants need their own tool.

I speak from experience. I have worked retail, and I own a retail shop. I employ people to work a register. I have built relationships with the other business owners in my town and learned what they need to make accepting crypto easy. Their input is what created Anypay — the easiest, fastest, free and private crypto cash register for retail businesses. I have watched dozens of new employees open up this exact screen and, without any instruction by managers or customers, figure out all on their own exactly how to take payment. Tap tap tap, done. Just look at it.

Okay, now the customer sees this:

And in an instant:

Now that’s freaking easy.

Anypay knows merchants. We have taken the time to make personal relationships and learn what makes accepting cryptocurrency a exciting delight rather than a clunky, slow, embarrassing and frustrating experience. The improvements Anypay has made on the retail experience are the best in the world.

But surely it can’t be that easy? Setup must involve paperwork, permissions, ID verifications, lots of steps? No, none of it. Let me prove it by showing you someone setting up Anypay on their phone in under 5 minutes.

Notice that he used his own phone. Most merchants expect that a new POS means new expensive hardware. Not with Anypay. Set it up on your tablet, desktop, phone, or all of the above at the same time. Set it up on one or hundreds of devices under one account if you like. All funds taken from will flow into your merchant address.

Now we get to the best part. Dash-Back.

Customers and merchants using Anypay with Dash instantly receive Dash back into their wallet. Spending $5 Dash on a cup of coffee at Fezziwigs in Portsmouth? Bam. $1 back into your wallet instantly. $100 for a premium oil change at Wilder Automotive in Keene? Bam. $20 back in your wallet. And it’s not just you the customer who benefits. Merchants also receive Dash-Back, giving them even more reason to promote new customers using it. Because they get extra Dash on every sale, they evangelize and do their own promotion of Dash to people unfamiliar with cryptocurrency at all. “Hey, you know if you pay with Dash, you get money back? Here, you should try it!”

Anypay tackles retail merchant needs in ways no wallet can. We would be extremely pleased it a simple Dash wallet was sufficient for retail commerce. That would save us tons of time, we wouldn’t even need to build Anypay! But in the process of helping nearly one hundred merchants take Dash we discovered a plethora of retail-specific requirements that make a dedicated tool like Anypay absolutely essential. Watch me use Anypay to buy coffee and a croissant and imagine yourself showing businesses how easy it is to take Dash.


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