Venezuelan Auto Parts Store Takes Dash with ANYPAY

MARACAY CITY, VENEZUELA – NOV 1, 2018 – The auto parts store “Autopartes Santa Barbara” became the the first business in Venezuela to use ANYPAY. They now accept DASH with ANYPAY for all of their merchandise. The store is located in Maracay, a city in Venezuela near the Caribbean coast with a population of almost half a million people, close to Caracas. The owner was inspired by a team of enthusiastic DASH ambassadors located in Maracay, and reported that he had his business set up to take cryptocurrency for payment in less than one hour and trained his staff how to use it in a matter of minutes. He even recorded this audio (60 seconds) sharing his experience so that other business owners in Venezuela can benefit from accepting more stable money with global purchasing power.

Owner Familiarizing His Employees with the process of generating Dash Invoices on ANYPAY
Adding a DASH Accepted Here sticker to make it official
Owner taking a look at his recent invoices list on ANYPAY’s Admin Dashboard

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