“You have my support.”

– qwizzie

“With your support, you will see a DASH Mecca flourish in New Hampshire. This will yield a model that can be copied across the globe.”

DarrenSTapp, Dash core contributor

“I’m voting yes. This is a real product with a real team behind it and a substantial plan. They have demonstrated competence. They are on our side.”

– Stillcantstop (aka solarguy)

“I can tell you want the best for DASH so I’ll be voting yes.”

– quantumexplorer, prominent Dash contributor and MNO

“If you submitted a three month proposal, it would probably garner close to unanimous support.”


What are they talking about?

What if there were a proposal where…

  • Merchants receive the minimal hardware needed to accept Dash for payment at retail stores?

  • Users and merchants received Dash incentives to make spending competitive with credit cards?

  • 12 months of up-front professional development was already put into it without any funding?

  • Everything was in place to create a Dash village where every merchant who takes credit cards also takes Dash?

Would YOU support it?

“I can attest that the anypay app has done outstanding things for acceptance of DASH in Portsmouth.”

“In the old days I used to go to places just to spend cryptocurrency. Now, I end up paying with DASH without making a special effort.”

“One thing that is unique is the fact that merchants that use anypay actually are accepting dash. They are not using a payment processor that deposits dollars to their accounts. Merchants sometimes take their DASH and spend it with other merchants. This closes the loop avoiding the need to interact with the dollar economy.”

Darren Tapp, Dash Core Contributor

Here it is. The proposal you have been waiting for. Finally a Dash app that closes the loop, gets merchants taking and spending Dash, builds a model Dash City, and gives you the tools to recreate it anywhere in the world.

How do we know it works? Because we have hundreds of real-life merchants using it in their businesses right now, today. And every day more people are signing up to use it. Because it was built by voluntaryists, it respects your privacy. No personal information is required to set up an account. No government tax IDs or hocus pocus paperwork need be submitted. No photographs of you standing with signed documents. Just email, password, and a Dash address. It’s really that simple.

Imagine Roger Ver kicking himself as his precious “Bitcoin Village” is converted into “Dash Village”.

About Us

Anypay launched the first Dash-specific point of sale system in the summer of 2017, and we are long-time Dash users and investors.

Our team is responsible for the major Dash boom in New Hampshire. We are the only major Dash point of sale system. We have accumulated several decades of software development experience, including early-stage development of Ripple and various cryptocurrency projects.

Our progress in Dash adoption has been covered by media outlets such as the Beyond Bitcoin Film, CNN International, and of course Dash Force News.

Benefits To Dash Community

One of the key selling points of Dash over other cryptocurrencies is its usefulness as an everyday currency, and this is already starkly visible in New Hampshire. Even long-time cryptocurrency users have reported with wonder their first meal purchased with Dash, indicating that we are really on to something special here. This was particularly showcased on a recent CNN video showing Dash used as everyday money in Portsmouth. Making a single area where you can spend Dash on just about anything is the single biggest argument-ender for which cryptocurrency is digital cash.

So…what exactly are we offering? Glad you asked:

1) Incentivize Retail Commerce

Premier Dash Point of Sale System

We built a kick-ass Dash-branded point of sale that already does everything you need to use it now. It’s not going to be something we are waiting on forever. Anypay is already the simplest Dash point of sale for cashiers and business owners, and we consistently receive rave reviews. Anypay is used in dozens of Dash-accepting businesses around New Hampshire, and was recently featured on a CNN International segment highlighting living on Dash in the region. When paired with Uphold or other key exchanges, merchants can easy convert Dash to fiat currency if desired.

Our key product offering will be expanded by offering the following additional functionality:

Internationalisation: Now it’s time to expand the Dash point of sale to a global audience by internationalizing the system to support denomination in many fiat currencies, and many spoken languages, which this proposal will allow us to prioritize.

Publish quality Dash point of sale system for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, to bring a high degree of finesse and professionalism to the Dash retail experience.

We will also offer a special Dash-branded portal for merchants to set up Anypay, pre-loaded with Dash icons and the ability to accept Dash right away.

2) Incentives to Spend and Accept Dash in Retail Stores

Dash-Back Consumer Spending Incentive

  • Dash-Back instantly pays consumers and merchants small amounts of Dash after every brick-and-mortar transaction. It is already live and working for consumers in the New Hampshire economy, and will be expanded and truly put to the test with this proposal.
  • Dash is facing serious competitive pressure competing projects and technologies such as Bitcoin Cash. Dash-back gives Dash a razor-sharp competitive edge over those other coins, and even launches Dash into competing with credit cards. Dash-Back inspires people to use Dash as money, not just a speculative asset.
  • Merchant Adoption Bounty Program

Bounties are placed on specific retail merchants. Ambassadors are rewarded with Dash when they set up merchants. Half of the bounty goes to the retail business owner, the other half is paid to the ambassador. This will be targeted at specific industries and will be retooled to reach lacking sectors. The goal is to create a well-rounded economy of Dash merchants in addition to raw growth numbers.

Bounties will include:

  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Stores
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Rental Properties
  • And More!

Free iPad hardware with Dash point of sale and Dash wallet pre-installed will be given to high-value merchants so all they have to do is connect to their wifi and are set to accept Dash. All new merchants will be listed on

The mission is to achieve heavy saturation in a key geographic area, the Free State, establishing Dash’s undeniable presence as a real-world currency.

This alone would be an amazing deal. But what if you could have all this, and…

A painless on-ramp for merchants, including video and text-based user-guides, online FAQ, and ongoing customer support for Anypay Dash merchants. Relevant guides will be cross-posted to

Real-world economic data showing and tracking Dash’s use as a currency. No one can answer that question, and now Dash can!

  • How many transactions did Anypay process this month?
  • How much Dash?
  • How much USD?
  • How many businesses?

Our merchants have recently asked us to make DASH the default coin to appear on the screen during checkout. So we did it. AND! If this proposal passes, we will make a contractual agreement to keep DASH the exclusive default coin during the lifetime of the proposal. This gives merchants one less button to push and trains their brains and muscle memory to ask for DASH when users pay with crypto.


Fully-transparent accounting every month is extremely important to earning investor support and trust — as it should be! We commit to delivering detail specific financial data including funds spent and remaining and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as well as hard numeric results to the Dash Watch every month. We commit to distributing at least $10,000 in Dash-back per month in the form of small automatic payments to merchants and customers upon completing transactions in Dash. Our goal is to grow this to 50% of the proposal budget. Dash-Back program totals will be reported live to

The following metrics and financials will be reported every month:

– Amount Spent on Engineering (broken down by specific components)

– Amount Spent on Support

– Amount Dash-Back Paid (target: 50% proposal budget)

– Amount Spent on Merchant Ambassador Program (Outreach & Bounties)

– Amount Spent on Hardware (iPads)

– Total Number of Transactions that were given Dash-Back

– Statistical Information about Dash-Backi (Daily & Monthly Average, Median, etc)

– Daily and Monthly transaction volume with Dash

– Amount of Funds Remaining that we are unable to utilize


Funding Breakdown

Our goal is to put 50% toward operations, support, management staff, and 50% toward incentives that create the Dash Village (Dash-Back and merchant support).

TOTAL: 219 Dash per month

With this, we will finalize the Anypay Dash point of sale system for mass global adoption use and conduct a heavily-incentivized retail merchant adoption starting in New Hampshire growing out from there. This will include incentives such as our powerful cutting-edge Dash-back program, merchant adoption bounties, and subsidized dash point of sale hardware.

The recent CNN International video of Dash uber-user Joel Valenzuela was made possible in total completely by Anypay’s efforts to convert Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Dash.

A ringing endorsement from one of Dash’s leading figures:

Won’t merchants try to defraud the system to get free Dash?

Our plan is to have increasing levels of verification and trust for the merchants who are getting Dash-Back. We are starting with the several dozen merchants that we personally know and vet and we talk to dozens of different customers who go to these merchants and talk about their experience who are actually using it to make sure they’re not scammy. Secondly we plan on integrating with discover dash and plan on developing software for people to vet businesses, and the more vetted they become, the more Dash-Back they get. So far in our experience, the merchants are most pleased to get more customers and to have more revenue and to have more cool people to come to their shops and are not interested in stealing and defrauding the goose that lays the golden egg.

That said, we keeping the Dash-Back very local, and it is a small fraction of our proposal because the main chunk of funding goes to funding a global merchant platform for Dash.

If a merchant is discovered defrauding the dash investors, we will permanently ban their account from using Anypay. Plus, they have to be vetted anyway, so they’ll never be approved again. Dash-Back doesn’t just go to any account that signs up. Anyone can create an account and use Anypay for free, but you have to be a legitimate verified business to receive Dash-Back. And we have already been able to manually verify dozens of business with respectable owners.

Shouldn’t we focus our efforts on areas outside wealthy North American cities?

Our brand is Anypay.Global. Our focus is on building the best merchant tool for the global Dash audience. Yes, we have focussed on our local economy and dedicated all the resources we have available to building the best experience. Now our proposal is asking for the fuel we need to internationalize our software with foreign currencies and foreign languages so that all the other great dash teams can bring the merchant tools to the rest of the world. That’s what this proposal is all about.

Our mission is to empower anyone anywhere to use digital cash without permission. That’s what Anypay is all about. Yes, we’re a software development team that’s based in North America, but our software is global — it’s borderless. Anypay will be used in Ghana, in Venezuela, in Buenos Aires, and anywhere there are merchants who want to accept Dash. A small fraction of the proposal is going to grow the New Hampshire economy. The majority of it is going to grow the global merchant adoption platform for Dash. Nothing could benefit the world more (except for maybe more wallet development and more privacy).

This proposal is going to build the tools that can be used by anyone anywhere in the world. The funds are proving the software works in a real setting. We built the global platform for Dash retail commerce, and now we’re expanding it for global currencies, international languages, and we are spending a small fraction of that in the testbed economy. We’re using it to build the platform that’s going to work everywhere in the world. We have merchants here that we need to talk to and get feedback to make the global solution more effective.

A huge reason Anypay has become the easiest, simplest Point of Sale is because we have strong relationships with local merchants and are able to get real-time feedback from customers and merchants across the whole area. We have noted that the more merchants that are using it in our area who we can meet and talk with, the faster we can improve the software for everyone in the world. And for that reason, we are growing the testbed of our software and incentivizing people to use Dash and help us improve the tools that we make. That way, when people Dash ambassadors all over the world are setting up merchants, we will have already encountered every possible pain-point and objection through the local economy that we’re getting feedback from and engineered the software to provide the best possible experience.

Unlike those other commercial Dash proposals that have come and gone, and did not amount to much, Anypay has been serving dozens of merchants and hundreds of consumers for almost a year, and we have the privilege and pleasure of bringing to you a proposal to take our software global.


Isn’t prioritizing adoption ahead of sophistication shooting yourself in the foot?

Yes, you are absolutely correct we have focussed the last year or nine months on building the most workable user experience and growing the largest network of Dash merchants while not using expensive sophisticated delivery channels so that we can move faster and develop the experience more quickly. Now we are asking for this grant for exactly the reason that we’re going to add a whole new level of sophistication to our delivery process, to the polish, and efficiency of the software. We are releasing official builds in the iOS and android store that people can trust through trusted channels and commissioning and testing logos and designs.

We are constantly doing usability testing with live customers, observing cashiers and customers interactions with the software, fixing bugs, improving the UX, and incorporating feedback from all parties. We as a team collectively use our software dozens of times a week to purchase things in the Dash economy.

What about Evolution? Won’t anypay be made irrelevant when merchant tools are built in?

Anypay is starting with the largest customer base for Dash Point of Sale. With this funding our customer base is going to grow exponentially, and we will be overwhelmingly the largest customer base of merchants. When the time comes to roll out awesome Evolution features our team will be able to bring Evolution to more merchants faster than anyone else.

Plus, our mission is to cut out the middleman in financial transactions anyway. So just as we were the first to build a Dash Point of Sale, we will be among the first to build on the Evolution platform. Even then, if Dash Core builds merchant APIs into the Evolution platform, then we will use that in our application. That just makes our job easier to build the best Point of Sale and market it to merchants, which is our strong suit.

We are already using the most cutting edge Dash features and we are going to continue that. With the funding, we are going to draw in more talent, more excitement, and we will be the ones who can build in the Dash Evolution features first. We are extremely excited to turn Anypay into a DApp on the Dash Evolution platform.

The Dash Investors deserve a world-class development team for merchant tools, and we are assembling it. We originally budgeted 110 Dash per month for engineering of the merchant platform. We have broken that down into 6 distinct roles, or talented, valuable people, that we will have to convince to join us and leave what they are doing.


Currently we have the whole operation and all the servers and everything that needs to be maintained, expanded, and made better and better. That person is really expensive. These numbers are low. We need these numbers to be higher.

Core services

These are the core APIs and messaging that enable the amazing experience with Anypay.


For Dash-Back and other internal tools that we need to bring this all to the world. We have a junior developer working on that, so they make less. Because we don’t have enough to budget for more.

Web App

Our existing web app does not need an extremely talented person to continue on it, or an extremely expensive one, and we can spend less time on it now. The big focus is getting someone really good for iOS to build the best iOS experience.

iOS Native App 

We probably need to spend a lot more than that to get the best iOS dev. We would prefer to spend at least 32.9 on the iOS App Dev and potentially 40 per month for a really, really good person who we can convince to be the lead on our team for the long run because we are going to grow to dozens of countries in hundreds of cities.

Android Native App

Same deal. This is extremely important to delivering the fastest and best experience and engineering the smoothest possible Dash Merchant solution.

And that all there is 110 Dash per month. We need to spend more to grow as fast as the dash investors want and expect.

Growth Engineering

This person is in charge of having automated interaction with users and gathering data about how they use the system in order to improve it and grow our network and engineering ways of our users spreading the system viraly so that Dash spreads and spreads.

UX design

We need professionals designing the best possible experiences and testing them: logos, layout of user interface, colors, everything. That is also a relatively inexpensive person where we should be paying more. We need to spend more on that. We can spend double on all of these, and that would help us grow the Dash investors’ vision faster, but this is the breakdown now.

All of these positions require intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, talented people with specific skill sets. These people are already working on awesome projects, and they have permanent positions. We have to convince these people to leave what they are doing — some of the most awesome talented people around — and join our team. This proposal is for 3 months, but this is a much longer-term commitment on our end. We have already spent a year developing Anypay to get it working and in the hands of hundreds of merchants, and we are asking for your support in helping us to grow our efforts globally.