Secret Formula for Getting Customers to Spend Crypto At Your Business

How do you get people spending at your business? If you are like most retail stores, you offer discounts, incentives, and rewards for customers and encourage repeat purchases with gimmicks like frequent-buyer punch cards. Verified merchants using AnyPay can offer Dash-Back, an instant rebate program funded by the Dash DAO. But about the large majority of merchants out there who get set up to accept crypto by a lone evangelist and then never get a single customer? It happens all the time. How often? Nobody even knows!

That is why AnyPay made this proposal to the Dash DAO. We want to build a tool for ambassadors — the people on the ground around the world who are doing the hard work of helping merchants set up wallets and a crypto POS to accept digital cash — and reward them not based on the number of merchants they set up but on the volume of transactions that they generate for those businesses.

That is exactly what we pitched in our proposal:

  1. Real-time reporting of data about what is happening in the real-life retail crypto economy. What coins are customers using to make purchases? How frequently are purchases happening, and where? What adoption teams are doing the most to spread crypto adoption? What if ambassadors were automatically rewarded every time a transaction happened at a business that they set up? Would that align incentives properly to drive actual retail traffic at these stores, and not just disappoint a bunch of merchants who waste their time preparing to accept cryptocurrencies, only to be let down when no one shows up to spend them at their store?
  2. Android and iOS apps so your business can take crypto, no matter what your size or budget — no expensive hardware to buy.
  3. 7 more languages supported, to benefit the regions where crypto adoption is taking off the most: Russian, Slovenian, Malaysian, Creole, Thai, Italian, German
  4. An ambassador program dashboard that you can use to create and join ambassador teams around the world to incentivize crypto adoption, track your own and your team’s progress, receive funding from independent sources, and distribute rewards automatically to those who generate the highest transaction volume at the businesses they activate. Incentives aligned for massive world-wide adoption!

The AnyPay crypto point of sale allows you to accept all the most popular cryptocurrencies quickly and easily at your business. No training required for your staff — it is stupidly simple. Try it for yourself, totally free, and start accumulating a private stash of digital cash today:


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