Anypay Proposal Progress Report for Dash Watch | July 2018

Two months ago, Anypay achieved its first passing vote from the Dash Master Node Owners. We proposed expanding our feature set to include:

  • Dash-Back (instant rewards for merchants accepting Dash and customers spending Dash)
  • Support for International Currencies (generate crypto invoices based in bolivars, euros, pesos, etc.)
  • Guides and Support (Merchant user guides for setup and live customer support, ticketing system, and FAQ)
  • iOS and Android native apps (Anypay app available in app stores)

The first month, we achieved Dash-Back integration. It was a huge success. June was the most popular month for use. Users saw extra bonuses instantly appear in their Dash wallets after shopping at stores. They loved it. They told their friends. Dash became even more popular.

This month, we focussed on a more challenging goal: enabling users to generate invoices for cryptocurrencies priced in their native currencies. For example, you can effortlessly generate an invoice for $5 Dash with a few taps. But what if you want to generate a Dash invoice for €5, or £5? This is now possible, with support for 168 different currencies! Our goal is to complete this feature by July 31. Right now the $ symbol displays on the pinpad screen no matter what currency denomination users have selected. We want to display the proper symbol beside the invoice so that everyone is clear on the exact amount being requested. We are super excited because there are hundreds of merchants in Venezuela, Ghana, and Colombia that have been asking for Anypay to support their currencies!


This month we were also able to roll out support for the first time. Before, when users had a problem with Anypay, they had to reach out to Derrick or Steven directly. When we were small and did not have many users beyond our tiny New England town, that was just fine. But now we have users around the world, and so we offer live chat and phone support 8 hours a day, plus an FAQ, feature request page, and professional ticketing system so that bugs can be quickly reported and fixed, and users can get the help they need right away. This is a great value for merchants who want to start taking Dash, but they need a bit of hand-holding through the setup process. Live support can be accessed directly from the main page of our website from noon to 8pm EST.

We were happy to reward some of the merchant bounties this month to several people who set up merchants to take Dash with Anypay.

Next month, we will focus on developing making the on-boarding process even easier and publishing a quick-and-simple merchant guide.

Estimate of spending for July 2018: 219 Dash Total

  • International Currency Support Development: 77 Dash
  • Live Support 8 hours a day, FAQ, Feature Requests page: 30 Dash
  • Dash-Back: 90 Dash
  • Merchant Bounty Program: 2 Dash
  • iOS app development: 20


  • Number of merchants using the Anypay POS: 224 merchants using Dash
  • Number of transaction with Dash via Anypay (in June): 804
  • Volume of monthly transactions via Anypay in Dash: 81.0854
  • Total number of transactions that were given Dash-Back (in June): 595 to customers, 651 to merchants

You may notice that not all Dash transactions received Dash-Back. That is because in order to receive Dash-Back, merchants must verify that they are real brick-and-mortar businesses where customers can actually shop. Some people use Anypay just to try it before recommending it to their favorite real business. So that is why there were 804 Dash transactions via Anypay in June, but only 651 Dash-Back payments to merchants.


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