Avoid This Trap! Your Mobile Wallet Stinks for Merchants

You want your favorite business to take Dash. Or Bitcoin. Or ZCash. Or Litecoin. Do you set the owner up with your favorite wallet and call it a day? Um, no. They will rue the day they met you. Even the best mobile wallets are sorely lacking the experience needed for merchants and will drive them and their staff crazy. Next year, they will lose all the crypto you paid them when they get a new device.

Anypay is a thousand times better than a mobile wallet. It is easier, faster, more versatile, and more secure than using a standard mobile wallet for business. Compare the two and see for yourself.

Here is the 40-step process to take payment with the official Dash Wallet on an iPad:


Anypay gives you Dash-Back. Wallets do not. Every time a customer spends Dash with a merchant using Anypay, they each instantly receive Dash-Back into their wallets. This inventive makes using Dash an obvious choice when presented with a variety of options, and it turns the merchants into eager evangelists — telling new customers about Dash and encouraging them to use it at their store!

Anypay is the retail experience. It works like the cash registers employees are accustomed to. There’s nothing to learn or train on. It is simple. A big green “Paid ✔” screen appears when the customer sends payment. In short, Anypay is built for merchants. The dash wallet is not. Anypay shows the merchant all of their past invoices, paid and unpaid, plus allows employees to take payment without having access to the owners’ wallets.

Anypay is a Point-of-Sale designed for retail stores. It helps over a hundred satisfied merchants — from restaurants, to gyms, to eyeglass doctors, to souvenir shops, to theaters, and more — to accept crypto payments. It is beautiful and simple to use. Plus, Anypay works on all devices: iPads, smartphones, or any computer.

Anypay helps you take multiple cryptocurrencies. Wallets generally don’t. The ability to take Bitcoin is a big selling point for many merchants. They have never heard of Dash. They have heard of Bitcoin. They are therefore willing to use a POS that allows them to take Dash if they can also take bitcoin.

Anypay include strings in the QR code to specify the amount requested and works with “Instant Send.” The payment screen appears in 1 second flat.

Anypay makes it easy to track payments over time and see how many dollars were expected in versus how much value in Dash and other cryptocurrencies they received to date.

Here is the 2-step process paying with Anypay on an iPad:

Bam. You just got Dash-Back. Money deposited instantly right back into your wallet.

The best part?

Anypay is free. It works on any device. All they need is a phone or tablet or computer. High value merchants who don’t have a tablet or device for taking payment have been gifted them by us. So far we have given away about half a dozen iPads to merchants who need them to take Dash.
When our proposal passes, we will be able to fund even more since that is a small portion of the budget.

Here’s how it looks on my phone right now, to give you an idea.

Anypay include strings in the QR code to specify the amount requested and works with “Instant Send.” The payment screen appears in 1 second flat.

Get Anypay Free Here And Take Digital Cash at Your Business in Under 5 Minutes

“It is very easy to use! Takes about a minute to set up. It allows you to have a more secure funding address. Such as a receiving address that was created on a hardware wallet. Also, as a merchant you want your customer to do as little thinking as possible. Generating a QR that has the fixed value for them makes it easier. Instead of a merchant say that is $10.98 and the customer pressing the numbers.”
– AlbertArellanesIII (Dash Nation)


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