Anypay and Dash Rock PorcFest 2018

Man Sports SPEDN Shirt

This year, Anypay was the second-largest sponsor of PorcFest, the Porcupine Freedom Festival. (DASH was the largest.) This is an event held in the White Mountains of New Hampshire every June and is the largest gathering of libertarians in the world. It is a place where people like Roger Ver, Eric Voorhees, and Patrick Byrne vacation and party with friends. Anypay’s sponsorship bought us large printed banners in the main pavilion where all the top speakers gave presentations, a talk by founder Steven Zeiler about the story of humanity’s victorious struggle against financial enslavement, and permission to assist every registered guest and vendor with setting up Dash wallets and Anypay for accepting payments. We also threw a dance party for the fun of it.

A Very Dashy Man

The best part was all of the excitement around Dash-Back, part of a recently approved Dash proposal by Anypay. Verified merchants who use Anypay to accept Dash  receive extra Dash in their wallets, and customers do too! PorcFest used to be dominated by silver. When Bitcoin came along, that all changed. Everyone jumped to using that instead. But now with the introduction of Dash-Back through Anypay, using Dash is a no-brainer for PorcFest attendees. Merchants loved it because they got rewarded with extra money for every transaction, and customers loved it because their Dash bought more than they expected! What an awesome surprise. This positive experience may carry over later when they are deciding which coin to use for payment, since they had a positive experience with Dash, and there are low fees and they already know how to use the wallet, why not use that instead of Bitcoin?

Steven Zeiler, Anypay

For many, PorcFest was their first time using any cryptocurrency at all. Of course they had heard of it, but it sounded too complicated or expensive to try out. They thought, “I missed the boat, I don’t have the skills or technical knowledge to do this. It’s for other people, not me.” But fortunately DASH was the number 1 sponsor of PorcFest, and these liberty-loving people were walking past an enormous DASH-branded tent every day, with friendly faces encouraging them to set up their first Dash wallets on their phones. They even gave them free Dash to get started! These new Dash users would often head up the hill to the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe tent and use their newly acquired Dash to purchase some Dash-themed memorabilia, like a flashy lapel pin or a cool t-shirt.


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