Anypay Report for Dash Watch – June 2018

PDF Report from Dash-Watch

Key Proposal Hypotheses

  • Offering a tool that makes it easy to collect specific amounts of Dash will inspire more merchants to accept Dash as payment.
  • Offering an incentive program that rewards users for participating in the real-life Dash economy will inspire more use among users and increase the number of users.


Outputs (Milestones, Deliverables)

  • Web app where anyone can create an account and easily collect Dash payments that instantly arrive in the address they choose.
  • Give away $10,000 in Dash-Back to merchants and users as a reward to incentivize more Dash use in the real-world
  • Make Dash the default coin on Anypay (top coin listed)
  • iOS Development (Test app successfully launched)
  • Android Development (not yet begun)
  • More live data about Dash-Back (still manually updated, must be made automatic)
  • Painless on-ramp for merchants
    • Video & text user-guides
      • Cross-post to
    • Online FAQ
    • Customer support for Anypay Dash Merchants
  • Real-world economic data showing and tracking Dash’s use as a currency
  • How many transactions did Anypay process this month?
  • How much Dash?
  • How much USD?
  • How many businesses?



  • Number of Dash Merchants increases
  • Number of Dash transactions increases
  • Dash is the most popular choice of payment by volume


Proposal Inputs (Expenditures)

  • Developers (100 Dash)
    • Funds spent this month:
      • Amount Spent on Engineering
        • iOS Dev: 34 Dash
        • Web App Dev: 55 Dash
        • Anypay Management: 9 Dash
  • Servers (5 Dash)
    • Funds spent this month:
  • Amount Spent on Merchant Ambassador Program (Outreach and Bounties)
    • Hardware
      • iPads
      • Trezors
      • Rewards
      • Dash-Back Flyers
  • Dash-Back (100 Dash)
    • Funds spent this month: 50 Dash
      • Total Number of Transactions that were given Dash-Back
        • Daily
        • Monthly Average
        • Median
  • Support
    • Funds spent this month: 50 Dash
  • Amount of Funds Remaining that we are unable to utilize

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